With a legacy of providing compassionate care and choice in end-of-life planning to individuals and families across the GTA for close to 200 years, the Mount Pleasant Group (MPG) is committed to growing our affordable options in cremation, burial, and funeral services for our clients. Following our most recent price reductions in casket rentals and direct cremations, our team remains mindful of inflation, the rising costs of living in the GTA, and other economic pressures facing families in our city.

We remain committed to delivering services at various price points, and with the most affordable options possible, while still maintaining the quality of care and service that people need and deserve at the most difficult time of their lives.  Please see our frequently asked questions on Affordability and Pricing.

From caskets to cremation, memorials to seasonal care, our products are made with the same dedication to quality and care that we live by. Here’s a selection of what we offer.