Price Lists

For your convenience, we have provided copies of our current price lists below. You can review them online or download them for future reference.

Interment Right prices (graves, crypts and cremation niches) can vary widely from one location to another within each cemetery. Accordingly, please note that for most interment right prices, we indicate the starting price. In the case of Monuments, Markers and Cremation Urns prices vary according to size, shape and materials used.

For more specific information relating to our prices, or any other issues, please contact the cemetery or funeral centre directly.



Funeral Price List


Cemetery Price Lists

  The Simple Alternative - Mississauga Beechwood Cemetery
The Simple Alternative - Pickering   Duffin Meadows Cemetery
    The Simple Alternative - Toronto     Elgin Mills Cemetery
  Elgin Mills Funeral Centre   Meadowvale Cemetery
    Meadowvale Funeral Centre   Mount Pleasant Cemetery
    Mount Pleasant Funeral Centre   Pine Hills Cemetery
  Pine Hills Funeral Centre   Prospect Cemetery
    Thornton Funeral Centre   Thornton Cemetery
  Icon York Funeral Centre   Toronto Necropolis Cemetery

  York Cemetery