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Listed below are government agencies which provide various forms of survivor benefits to the estates of qualifying individuals following a death:

Canada Pension Plan (

It is important to apply for Canada Pension Plan benefits when your parent, spouse, or common-law partner dies. If you don’t, you may lose benefits you are entitled to receive.

  • Allowance for the Survivor: Provides a monthly non-taxable benefit to low-income widowed spouses who are not yet eligible for the Old Age Security pension.

  • Death benefit: Provides a one-time payment to (or on behalf of) the estate of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor.

  • Survivor's pension: Offers a monthly pension paid to the survivors of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor.

  • International benefits: Provides survivor benefits to eligible individuals who have lived or worked in another country.

  • Children's benefit: A monthly benefit for dependent children (under age 18 or between 18 and 25 and attending school) of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor.

Veterans Affairs Canada (

  • Veterans Affairs Canada - Death Benefit: Offers a lump sum when a Canadian Forces member dies in the line of duty.

  • Canadian Forces Income Support: The Canadian Forces Income Support (CFIS) is a tax-free monthly benefit to help low-income CAF Veterans, survivors, and dependent children.

  • Funeral and Burial Assistance: The Last Post Fund Corporation (LPF) has been mandated to deliver the program on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), providing an honourable funeral and burial, including a military style grave marker, to eligible ex-service persons. Visit LPF's website for details.

  • Benefits for Survivors (of Disability Pension Recipients): A survivor's pension will be paid to the survivor of a disability pensioner beginning one year from the time of death. The pensioner's benefits continue in full for the first year.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (

Family members who depended on the earnings of someone who has died will receive survivor benefits. Check the WSIB web site for more information.

  • Funeral and Transport Costs: WSIB will pay reasonable funeral and burial expenses which may include transport costs if the survivors live a considerable distance from the place of death.

  • Bereavement Counselling: WSIB offers surviving spouses and children supportive counselling by an experienced professional, within the first year following the worker’s death.

  • Payments to Survivors: WSIB pays survivors and/ or dependent children a lump sum and a continuing monthly payment, based on certain criteria.