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Cremation, Casket Burial or Entombment

For most people, deciding on a final resting place is the biggest decision of the funeral-planning process. The first step towards making that decision is to determine whether you prefer to be cremated or not.


  • Cremation is a high-temperature process that transforms the deceased into ashes, removing all carbon content from the body. The ashes are then placed inside an urn or temporary container.
  • Some choose to scatter the ashes or bury them in a sacred place. Others prefer to place the urn in a niche inside a cemetery, or to have the ashes entombed in a mausoleum crypt.
  • A popular choice, cremation allows for much more flexibility, as the ashes are easily transportable and have little environmental impact.

To learn more about the cremation process watch the video below.

Casket Burial or Entombment

  • Burial or entombment requires the purchase of a specific plot or crypt for the deceased to rest. Likewise, the body must be stored inside an appropriate casket.
  • A burial plot can accommodate a larger memorial and typically provides space for garden plantings.
  • Crypts also provide larger memorial space for personalisation and are a suitable alternative to casket burial for those who prefer to be above ground.


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