What Our Customers Have to Say

Oh, it was very nice, love it. My English isn’t good, but Grazyna I love her! I love you all. Me, my family and friends were all pleasantly surprised with the service we got, very professional. It’s hard to get good service today. Thank you very much guys, keep safe and God bless. Thank you for calling and checking up on me.

Only a person that has experienced the loss of a loved one can begin to imagine the agony and pain one encounters in such moments as it is not something that can be explained or even captured by words, thus one does not know where to turn or what to do. We were extremely fortunate to know an incredible person, Grazyna Jeziorowska, who guided and helped us navigate through this nightmare from the day we found out about his death to the day we put our father to rest. Words cannot express how amazing she was throughout and it took minimal direction for her to create the most intimate and wonderful way to honour our dad and put him to rest as well as the least traumatic way for us to get closure and say good bye. She was there every step of the way and more, giving support, guidance and assistance in any and every way we required. We were able to have some peace throughout the process while she was making sure all is executed to the highest possible standards. I don’t wish anyone to ever be in this position, but if one finds themselves there I highly recommend Grazyna Jeziorowska as the most amazing funeral director with the biggest heart. We are grateful to have her in our lives. Thank you Grazyna!!

Alicia De Escobar was very helpful in assisting me with making the funeral arrangements. She was very patient, kind and answered every question that we asked her. No suggestions whatsoever with regards to improving your services. I was extremely satisfied and pleased with everything. I would like to thank Alicia for her kind assistance in assisting us with the funeral arrangements for my daughter. She made the funeral arrangements easy for me and my family. Without her, I really don’t know how I would have made the arrangements or even managed. Thanks Alicia!!

It was always just my husband and myself.  He took care of everything and now I had to make the biggest decision by myself. Michael Mizen made me feel very comfortable and I felt I could trust him to walk me through it. Everything I asked for was done. Michael even got me a remembrance card that I asked for with a saying just for me which I treasure - thank you Michael. My husband is at peace after a hard fight with cancer, and so am I. Everything that he and I would have wanted was done to perfection. Thank you for caring and making things easier.