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Death At Home

Death at home...

If the death occurred at home, or any private residence, here’s what you need to know.


Unexpected death:

The first step is to call 911.  A coroner will be sent to you, to view the body and to issue a death certificate. Once you have this certificate, contact the funeral centre to discuss next steps, including moving the deceased.

If an autopsy is required, the deceased will be sent to the coroner’s facility to be examined. If this is the case, simply call the funeral centre and provide them with the coroner’s information. Then, once a death certificate is issued, the funeral centre will arrange for the transfer of the deceased.


Anticipated death:

If the deceased’s doctor provided you with instructions, follow them now. Or, call 911 for immediate help. In either case, a coroner will come and issue a death certificate, and then you can contact the funeral centre to transfer the deceased.

The next steps depend on which options you’ve chosen, from cemetery services to cremation to related services and products. If you’re not sure what to do, the funeral representative can help inform you of your options and ways to proceed.